If you have installed a previous of TeamPass, you can easily upgrade to newest version by doing as described below.


  •  Download lastest package,
  •  Unzip package into a temporary folder (let’s call it [NewTP]),
  •  On your server, rename the actual TeamPass folder (for example to “teampass_old”)
  •  Upload [NewTP] on your server,
  •  Copy files from old folders called “Backups”, “Files” and “Upload”,
  •  Copy file /includes/settings.php into [NewTP],
  •  Enter url: http://your_domain/cpassman/install/upgrade.php,
  •  Follow instructions,
  •  You can now connect to http://your_domain/cpassman,
  • Think about cleaning up your Browser’s cache
  1. This might be a stupid question, but it just seems that I can’t find it.

    How does this work for updating for instance from version 2.1.7 to 2.1.9?
    I can’t reach the upgrade page through: http://your_domain/cpassman/install/upgrade.php or http://your_domain/teampass/install/upgrade.php

    I can’t even locate the file upgrade,php in the docroot on the server. But v2.1.7 is running.

    Kind regards,

    • If you can’t reach intall/upgrade.php then those files are missing.

      If you over write new release on previous one, the tool will automatically ask you to upgrade with a warning message ;-)

      So start by uploading the new package.

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