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Release 2.1.13 – Conformity to FIG standards

The release 2.1.13 will entirely be an evolution of the code source in order to make it compliant by the rules described in the PHP Framework Interoperability Group. Actually 3 standards have been proposed and accepted:

Even if those standards haven’t a lot of requirements, the impact is quite heavy on TeamPass source code. Presently the proprietary code has been adapted and now I’ve started the used classes from external.
This release should be available in 1 or 2 weeks and will be the base for the 2.2 future version of TeamPass.

TeamPass 2.1

New release 2.1 is delivered.

What’s new?

  • First important change is that TeamPass is now distributed through GPL Affero 3 license. Click Here to read the full license.
  • The user can now select his own language and store it in database. So that this selection is now not depending on cookies.
  • For each Roles, it is now possible to define a level of complexity for the passwords used by the users.
  • Old passwords are now encrypted in the database.
  • Item passwords are now masked. A button permits to hide/show them in clear text.
  • Started a “cron activity” in order to permit in the next releases to launch some scripts such as emails sending. In this version, a new option permits to send an email to Administrators when Users are logged to TeamPass. This is still in “beta” due to some difficulties to manage all emails configuration cases.
  • Improvements have been done on “Restricted to” functionality.
  • For big list of items in folders, the loading strategy has changed. Now the full list is loaded by package of items until the last item is loaded.
  • Some other bugs correction and code improvements.

Now on Github

With this release and due to the new GPL Affero license, TeamPass source code is now manage under Github.
The TeamPass repository is https://github.com/nilsteampassnet/TeamPass.

Hopefully this will permit a better “opening” of TeamPass and a faster improvement of the functionality. You are welcome to join and fork the source code!


As usual since I’ve started this project, the next release will mainly focus on bugs corrections and new functionality in order to get the closer to the Users.

I will be in contact with the Open Source Initiative (OSI) in order to get an approved license for TeamPass.

Changing to OpenSource licence?

Several times, many of you have asked me why the licence was not OpenSource.
Until now, I was not focusing on such aspects and I must say that I’ve opened my mind on this subject.

I have in mind to first finish TeamPass in version 2.0 and to deliver it very quicky (next Friday afternoon 18-NOV-2011) . The 2d step is to change the actual licence to BSD 3.3 for TeamPass 2.1.
In that context, if you have any knowledge of OpenSource licences, please contact me in order to give me some advises for the best licence choose.

With this change, I’d like to open the development of TeamPass to Contributors which should permit to propose interesting evolution much often and also to improve the core of the tool.
I’d like to know if some of you could be interested to become a Contributor? Please don’t be shy, it’s just for me to organize myself. Perhaps can you detail on what you’re specialized (example: jquery, database, php, security, etc…).
This change will certainly made me move the source code to Github instead of GoogleCode.

For the others, how such a change can impact your actual use of TeamPass?

As you can see, I’ve started to have a reflection on this tool and how to give it more maturity and make it more interesting for companies, schools, administrations, etc.

Please don’t hesitate to give me your point of view.



The 2.0 Release Candidate 4 version is now available for testing.

Main changes are:

  • Started changing name to TeamPass (see POST on this subject)
  • Bug fix: 162 – 163 – 164 – 165 – 167 -
  • Optimization done :
    • Grouped CSS files

You can download it from GoogleCode

2.0 RC3

The 2.0 Release Candidate 3 version is now available for testing.

  • update of languages files
  • fix: 158 – 159 – 160 – 161
  • some improvements:
    • item history in dialog box
    • logs displayed when items contain double quotes
    • some non logical specific cases

Known bugs:

  • Don’t use character anti-slash ( \ ) in your SALT defined during installation.

You can download it from GoogleCode

Changing cPassMan’s name

Since I’ve started this project, I’ve never been satisfied with its name.
Indeed cPassMan is for me too commun and often used.
So I’m wondering about changing it!

I’d like to rename cPassMan to PassTeams that stands for “Passwords for Teams“!

I think that this name reflects more what this too is.

I’d like to have your point of view concerning this change.


2.0 Release Candidate

The last pre-release before final 2.0 version is now available for testing.
It is hopefully the last “beta” version unless a big bug bug is found.

You can download it from GoogleCode