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Support, Issues and Request

Of course cPassMan is nothing without its users. As a user, you may participate in several ways.

All tickets have to created on GoogleCode

Asking for Support

How frustrating to install a web tool and to not manage to make it work.
In that case, please don’t hesitate to ask for some Support.

Before creating a new ticket, please search if a similar ticket exists ;-)

Finding a Bug or an Issue

cPassMan may have some bugs. This is of course not what I expect but all softwares are bugged.
So please create a new Ticket with attribute “Defect”. I will answer as quickly as possible.

Doing a Request

This is of course what I prefer ;-) Indeed Request from users is something I really take into account.
So please don’t be shy, if you have an idea of improvement, create a new ticket with attribute “Request”.