You need to check that your server has:

  •  Apache,
  •  MySQL,
  •  PHP version 5.3 or higher,
  •  PHP extension “mcrypt” enabled,
  • For LDAP, PH extension “LDAP” enabled.


  •  Download lastest package,
  •  Unzip package into a temporary folder,
  •  Upload package on your server,
  •  Enter url: http://your_domain/cpassman/install/install.php,
  •  Follow instructions,
  •  You can now connect to http://your_domain/cpassman,
  •  The by default login/password is admin.
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  1. How exactly do I install your program and use it? Your installation guide seems to assume:

    1. I know how to install Apache (okay, not hard)
    2. I know how to install PHP5.3 or higher (okay… maybe not hard, but it will take some looking… especially for everyone who has not had to install “advanced” add-ons to basic web services before)
    3. The PHP extension “mcrypt” (I guess, with Googling, I could figure this out)
    4. We know what you mean when you say “upload this file to your server”. I’m guessing that you mean something like publish the folder with Apache, given what you want to do with it??

    Overall, to put it simply, this seems pretty complicated to someone who is not a web programmer. I can get around in linux pretty well but since I know little of web servers even I am confused, and I think I have a lot of knowledge over your average Windows user who could never hope to use this program.

    Perhaps you could provide a step-by-step installation for one flavor of Linux (or more than one, Red Hat and Debian would be great)? A guide that takes a user from a basic desktop or command line to the point where they can access the admin webpage would be superb.

    • Thank you for your feedback.
      Indeed I’ve perhaps done this quite fast, andyou’re right, it certainly needs to be improved.
      Nevertheless I can easily do something for a Windows environment, but for Linux it might be difficult because I’m near to have 0 experience on such environment … but I’ll try (I’ve got an Ubuntu virtual machine installed but never used).

      I’ll do that quite quickly ;-)

    • Adam

      I think you’re asking a little bit too much, if you have to ask for a step by step guide then perhaps this software is not for you. Most out of the box Linux distributions these days come with all the packages so this should install pretty easily.

      Nils has kindly written this software for the community and not asked for anything in return so the least you can do is try to install before asking for a step by step guide.

      Some tips to get you on your way….

      Get a Linux distro (e.g. Opensuse 11 or 12)
      Install the LAMP packages
      Do this in a VM, snapshot as you go…

      • Yes sure you’re right Pete … writing step by step guide takes much time and I prefer use this time to improve the tool itself.

        But anyone is free to start writing a guide in this website … I’ll be very pleased

  2. Hey Nils

    I’m going to be trialing your software for our organisation in the coming weeks so I’ll put together something for you (the least I can do) I’ll also think about doing you a VM appliance on Linux. All the best. Pete

  3. Hi
    Your application is very useful.
    I have the following issues
    1. ‘Announce this Item by email’ is not working, even I use correct SMTP details.
    2. I want to disable delete option for Managers profile. How do I do it?
    Please give the solutions for above


  4. Tried installing this on both a WIndows Box and Linux (CentOS) box and both failed. I get through to the point where it passes the initial system check to meet requirements, then it ask for hostname, database, user, and password. I put this all in, and I get the error, “impossible to connect to server” and sometimes I get “impossible to connect to table”. For hostname, I’ve tried localhost,, the actual ip, the actual dns hostname..nothing works. what could be the problem. I’m certain that I’ve setup xamp / lampp correctly. Thank you.

    • Follow up,, I’ve tried xampp, wampp, and lampp.. nothing working

      • I’ve had similiar failures — xampp, lamp — all fail. I can’t get past Step 5 with xampp and Step 2 with native lamp. I’ve used Ubuntu 10.04, 12.04 and 12.10. Nothing seems to work.

        I’m giving up.

  5. I’m getting that there is a gmp dependency on the PHP side, which the xampp installation does not provide. Having all kinds of issues in recompiling PHP with this extension enabled? Any help.

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