How to handle changes on Administrator profile?

From TeamPass 2.1.4, the profile “Administrator” has changed. This profile is now changed into a pure technical profile will permits to administrate TeamPass’s installation. With this strategy, Administrator users will no more be able to reach shared items.


The reasons of this strategic change is that actually Administrator profile could have access to mainly all folders and items (unless the author had restricted it access). This could make Administrators allowed to access too much items.

With this new strategy, the Administrator account should now only be reserved to technical aspects such as preparing tree structure, creating the roles and manage users rights.

How to handle it on your actual installation?

If you actual are using such a profile to access Items, it is mandatory to follow the new steps:

  1. open Users Management page
  2. rename your previous admin account (for example: ‘admin’ becomes ‘my_name’)
  3. create a new user called ‘admin’
  4. associate ‘Administrator’ profile to this new user
  5. close your actual session
  6. open new session with new ‘admin’ user
  7. open Users Management page
  8. disable ‘Administrator’ profile for user ‘my_name’
  9. associate to user ‘my_name’ the roles he/she should have

This will permit to transfer all your previous rights and items on this new user.

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